Ninety Minutes of Frame

Edition #4


3 October


20:00 - 21:30


Pakhuis De Zwijger

Ninety Minutes of Frame #4

Let's Get Physical

The human body is a fleshy machine, an object of beauty, a branch of science and a vast subject for designers and artists to explore. At the fourth edition of Ninety Minutes of Frame on 3 October, invited speakers bring Frame magazine off the pages and onto the stage. Lucy McRae will discuss her experiences as a body architect as she fuses science, technology and the beauty industry. Maaike Fransen's hoarding tendencies and Arne Hendriks' tall height become a spring board for their respective projects.


Jeroen Junte

Design and Architecture Critic

Jeroen Junte is one of the Netherlands' leading authorities on design and architecture. As well as frequently contributing to Frame, Junte writes for other major publications such as de Volkskrant, Het Financieële Dagblad and Het Nieuwe Instituut's

Junte is also the editor of many books including Dutch Design in the 21st century and Dit is Design.


Keynote: Lucy McRae
Body Architect

Lucy McRae is a body architect. The title encompasses her hybrid nature, which includes an impressive 14 years of training in French classical ballet; an education in interior design; and a fascination with relationships between the body, technology and science. McRae's work plays on the edges of the beauty industry, biotech and, more recently, space travel, as she invents worlds that suggest what the future holds in store.

Robert Thiemann
Editor-in-Chief of Frame Magazine

For the fourth Ninety Minutes of Frame, Robert Thiemann - co-founder and editor in chief of Frame - kicks off the night with a visual column about the event's theme. At the magazine's helm since 1997, he is passionate about the editorial process - conception, in-depth content, graphic design, materialisation - and continues to explore new and fresh directions.

Claim to Frame:
Maaike Fransen

Maaike Fransen will make her Claim to Frame with her recent project 'Hoarding (Dis)order', a fashion collection presented at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014. She graduated in 2010 from Design Academy Eindhoven's Man and Identity Department and keeps her hands in the fields of art, fashion, film, styling and set design. Fransen draws upon these diverse influences to transform ordinary, everyday objects into playful creations. Defined by their absurd and surreal qualities, her poetic approach is completed with skilful execution.

Arne Hendriks

Amsterdam-based artist, exhibition maker and historian Arne Hendriks graduated with a Master of Art from the University of Amsterdam in 2001. His work revolves around open-design, hacking, speculative research and education. Standing at 2-m tall, Hendriks is unhappy about his height. After learning the average life span is shortened by 6 months for every centimetre above 152 cm, he decided humans need to be smaller in size and his latest project The Incredible Shrinking Man explores the viability of shrinking the species to 50 cm.


20:00 Intro  Robert Thiemann  |  Editor-in-Chief of Frame Magazine
20:15 Keynote  Lucy McRae  |  Body Architect
20:50 Claim to Frame  Maaike Fransen  |  Designer
21:05 Research  Arne Hendriks  |  Artist




The fifth Ninety Minutes of Frame
will take place on 18 December.


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